Welcome To GU Dividends

The goal here is to operate the PGEN (pyramid generator) on high-yielding ETFs and individual stocks in the precious metals and related sectors.

I have a particular affinity for monthly payers. The bird in the hand 12 times a year is generally better than getting paid just once a year.

There are exceptions, and some funds that drive the gold bull era (Chinese and Indian stock market funds) pay only once a year, but the payouts are high.

Some yields are achieved with the use of bonds or covered calls. There's very little I'll cover here that I don't own myself, via HSR-tweaked PGEN to zero.

Everyone in the gold community is getting older, whether you are 15 years old now, or 95 years old now. Dividend investment is not just for the elderly, but all elderly investors involved in the precious metals sector probably should own some dividend-oriented investments.

I like using separate accounts for my dividend payers, so I can see the cash coming in there, as it's paid!

On payout day I feel fantastic, and I hope you do too!!




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